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Resilience is the ability to cope and recover from adversity. It’s important to note that being resilient is a skill you can learn, grow and modify over time.

Being resilient does not mean that people don’t experience stress. Demonstrating resilience includes working through and recovering from emotional pain and suffering, and many times being even more resilient than when you started.

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Life’s Challenges

  • Professional stressors
  • Divorce
  • Financial issues
  • Illness
  • Job loss
  • Death
  • Loss of home/stuff
  • Moving
  • Relationship issues

Residency Challenges

  • Am I good enough
  • What am I missing
  • I’m on remediation
  • Not fitting in
  • Gaining weight
  • Am I supervised enough
  • What if there is a code
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Competing obligations
  • Lack of schedule control
  • Medical school debt
  • Isolation due to time demands


    Several factors contribute to how well people adapt to adversities, predominant among them:

    • the ways in which individuals view and engage with the world
    • the availability and quality of social resources
    • specific coping strategies

    Resilience helps you:

    • Feel less afraid under pressure
    • Be confident you will find a solution when it appears no solution is possible
    • Improve self-esteem
    • Stay focused and productive
    • Strengthen your relationships under stress

    Improving Resilience

    • Building Resilience Tip #1: Accept the situation
    • Building Resilience Tip #2: Expand your social network…don’t withdraw
    • Building Resilience Tip #3: invest time and money in self-care
    • Building Resilience Tip #4: give help to others. volunteer. look for a greater purpose
    • Building Resilience Tip #5: Stay Motivated. control what you can control. celebrate your small wins.

    How resilient are you?

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