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Internal Medicine Curriculum

Block schedule rotates monthly for 36 individual blocks over the 3 years of training. The schedule was designed to prepare the PGY1 for a supervisory role which starts in the PGY2 year. PGY3 year has an abundance of electives to provide ample time for board preparation as well as individualize training opportunities for specific resident training preferences.

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  • Community based internal medicine continuity clinic with a dedicated empanelment for every resident.
  • Rotating through community-based and health department clinics for community health experience.
  • Completing Quality Improvement projects to advance hospital policies and process to improve the care delivered to your patients.
  • Dedicated Point-of-Care ultrasound curriculum.
  • Completing scholarly projects with financial support for conference attendance and presentation. Assistance with writing manuscripts for publication.
  • Collaborating with local researchers such as the National Diabetes Obesity Research Institute (NDORI) or become part of the study team on one of our clinical trials being conducted at Memorial Hospital at Gulfport.
  • Completing Quality Improvement projects to improve the care delivered to your empaneled patients, with a 2-week dedicated QI block in PGY3 year to investigate/improve a hospital wide process.


  • Inpatient Service – 6 months
  • Infectious Disease – 1 month
  • Ambulatory – 1 month
  • Medical Intensive Care – 1 month
  • Neurology – 1 month
  • Cardiology – 2 months


  • Emergency Medicine – 1 month
  • Inpatient Service – 4 months
  • Ambulatory – 1 month
  • Endocrinology – 1 month
  • Pulmonary – 1 month
  • Hematology/Oncology – 1 month
  • Medical Intensive Care – 1 month
  • Elective – 2 months


  • Electives – 7 months
  • Medical Intensive Care – 1 month
  • Inpatient Service – 2 months
  • Night Medicine – 1 month
  • Gastroenterology – 1 month
  • Rheumatology – 1 month
  • Electives – 4 months
  • Nephrology – 1 month
  • Geriatrics/Palliative Care – 1 month
Dimitriades - Memorial GME Director

A Word from the Program Director

Welcome and thank you for your interest in our wonderful internal medicine residency program. We are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) and are sponsored by Memorial Hospital at Gulfport.

Our program is dedicated to building healthier communities. Mississippi is medically underserved and unfortunately has the highest Alzheimer’s, heart and kidney disease burden in the nation, and the second highest disease burden of cancer, stroke, diabetes, septicemia, and pneumonia.  We are committed to providing a dynamic engaging education, combined with offering exposure to a wide array of clinical pathology and quality improvement opportunities to prepare you to delivery outstanding patient care.  With an emphasis in on-hands experience, we believe in leading by example while we teach evidence-based medicine.

In addition to having a dedicated GME research department, we look forward to training outstanding primary care physicians and hospitalists of the future. Interested in fellowship? We will make sure you are prepared and ready to continue your training.  We offer the right balance of didactic experiences through weekday morning reports, senior openers, and noon lectures, as well as, prepare you to present journal club, clinical pathology conference, grand rounds and more.

We know that you have a private life and provide you plenty of vacation and time-off.  The program is dedicated to helping you grow into a highly professional, competent, empathetic and outstanding physician in a community hospital with an academic and collegial environment. Wellness is not a ‘word’ for us. We believe fun brings happiness! Equality of human beings and acceptance of each other is our basis for operation. The program offers diversity of teachers and colleagues, and promises to provide you with an outstanding internal medicine education experience while preparing you for primary care, hospitalist career, and fellowship.

I am looking forward to getting to know you.

Dr. Wayne Latack
Internal Medicine Program Director

Why Train at Memorial?

Memorial Hospital has been the premier medical center for the Mississippi Gulf Coast since 1946, with two locations to serve our community - our main campus in Gulfport, MS and our newest hospital in Stone County. We boast a culture committed to delivering the highest quality treatment and greater access to progressive services and care to our thriving community.

Memorial is one of the most comprehensive healthcare systems in the state, which means that wherever our patients are in life, Memorial has their best health in mind.

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Internal Medicine

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