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A Multi-faceted Residency Education

Family medicine is the heart of health care, and access to regular health care is vital to the success of each member of the family as well as the community in general. Our residency community clinic’s goal is to provide the best quality health care to everyone, whatever the stage in life. Establishing and maintaining trust means patients are more likely to be invested in their health, and that can make a positive impact on future generations. We want our patients to know we are there for them and to know they always have access to us.

From the start, Memorial’s Family Medicine residency program places the emphasis on real learning, not just observation. This is three years of intensive, multi-faceted medical training and experience that starts with your very first rotation.

During your first four weeks, along with clinic responsibilities, all residents will experience intensive training in the Foundations of Family Medicine, how to efficiently and effectively chart in the electronic medical record, billing, coding, and much more. This immersion will prepare you for success for all your future rotations.

During your first year, you will rotate through the medical and pediatric floors, emergency room, operating room, as well as many outpatient clinical sites, including an FQHC for prenatal care.  Along with your rotations, we have developed a multi-faceted didactic curriculum that includes simulation, patient panels, ethics committees, grand rounds, research training and support, and a robust wellness program.  Our second and third years introduce you to several subspecialties both from the inpatient and outpatient arenas. While doing this, our goal is to immerse you in the community. This will happen in structured blocks. For example, you will do a community medicine rotation with the health department, assist in the community free clinic, and work with local high school athletic events and community health fairs. You will have more than enough opportunities to impact the health of Mississippians. 

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A Mission to Build a Healthier Community

The primary geographic area Memorial Hospital serves includes Harrison and Hancock counties with a population of approximately 250,000. Its secondary service areas are the more rural Jackson and Stone counties with an additional 160,000 residents. Overall, Mississippi has been ranked as the most unhealthy state in the U.S. Mississippi also has one of the highest rates of diabetes, hypertension, chronic kidney disease and infant mortality. Furthermore, about 25 percent of the Memorial community live in poverty. Our program is prepared to meet these challenges.

Given the statistics, it should come as no surprise that the mission of Memorial Hospital Family Medicine program is to build healthier communities. Our family medicine residency will do this through training and graduating well-balanced, compassionate physicians who are willing and dedicated to practicing the highest level of medicine. Physicians who truly understand the challenges of the community they serve, whether urban or rural, will be capable of implementing a patient-centered approach to their practice of medicine. Family medicine residents universally will be able to understand and apply the science of medicine while developing their own style within the art of practicing medicine. This is what will ultimately allow our physicians to effectively practice within the community, regardless of how diverse or ever-changing it might be.

Why Train at Memorial?

Memorial Hospital has been the premier medical center for the Mississippi Gulf Coast since 1946, with two locations to serve our community - our main campus in Gulfport, MS and our newest hospital in Stone County. We boast a culture committed to delivering the highest quality treatment and greater access to progressive services and care to our thriving community.

Memorial is one of the most comprehensive healthcare systems in the state, which means that wherever our patients are in life, Memorial has their best health in mind.

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