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Memorial Family Medicine Residents Attend Primary Care Day at the Capitol

Dr. Shazzanne Pennant and Dr. Jonathan Hamilton represented Memorial GME Family Medicine during the Mississippi Academy of Family Physicians (MAFP) Primary Care Day at the Mississippi State Capitol on February 7, 2023.

Family physicians and pediatricians from all over the state participated in a morning of activities highlighting primary care on Tuesday, February 7.  Primary Care Day at the Capitol had a total of 55 attendees, including 16 residents from 6 family medicine residency programs.

Family physicians from throughout the state participated in a morning of activities, meeting with legislators to increase awareness of issues affecting family medicine. After being introduced in the House and Senate galleries, MAFP members then gathered for lunch to hear Senator Hob Bryan of Amory speak and hear updates on state issues.

Dr. Shazzanne Pennant, Memorial GME Family Medicine resident, shares, “It is important to build and maintain relationships with legislators because physicians are the advocates of their patients. As physicians, we are representatives for people in our communities and state. We all can play an essential part when it comes to laws and policies that will affect the community and public health by listening to our patients and being informed on legislation. It is vital to keep this line of communication open so that lawmakers can see how policies impact their constituents.”

Memorial GME residents prioritize community outreach and have a strong presence in the community. “Community outreach is a way of providing access to health care and resources to members of the community. It is a unique opportunity to get involved and interact with a variety of people. Participating in community outreach creates the opportunity for physicians to build relations and strong bonds in the community. For me, giving back to my community renews my sense of purpose as to why I chose to be a physician in the first place,” Dr. Pennant shares.

Thank you both for representing Memorial!

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