Salary & Benefit Information

Resident Annual Salary – 

  • More information coming soon


Residents may take up to 4 weeks of vacation (20 days). Vacations must be requested in 1-week (Monday-Friday) blocks and approved by the Program Director and Program Coordinator. Specific rotations or calendar dates may be excluded from vacations as determined by each program. The weekend prior or the weekend immediately following approved vacations may be scheduled off as determined by the program. Some flexibility of the Monday-Friday vacation policy may be given for interviews in the senior years.

Educational Stipend

  • PGY – 1 – $500
  • PGY – 2 – $1000
  • PGY – 3 – $1000

Relocation Stipend

One-time relocation stipend up to $3000.  This requires receipts.

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