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Memorial receives funds to advance residency education
Dr. Shazzanne Pennant talks to WLOX News

The graduate medical education program at Memorial was awarded funds to help educate physicians.

Physicians doing a residency work closely with the hospital to gain real-world experience.

During this time, they can also study upcoming research as well as do their own.

The Office of Mississippi Physician Workforce awarded more than $10,000 to fund the education of physicians in this program.

With this money, Memorial Hospital will be able to provide books, journals, and send physicians to conferences.

Wayne Latack, internal medicine program director at Memorial Hospital said, “90% of education and development comes from seeing patients, but this other 10% is so important. To get these materials, to present your findings at conferences, to get good at speaking in front of other people, promoting your residents, and learning how to critically appraise information, all of that plays into you being a better person and a better physician.”

The donation was divided up between different practices.

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Internal Medicine

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