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Memorial Health System welcoming new resident physicians from across the world
Dr. Shazzanne Pennant talks to WLOX News

India, Puerto Rico, Texas, and California are just some places where Memorial Health System is expecting new residential physicians over the next three years.

“When they come to us, they are physicians, we call them resident physicians and when they are done after their three years, then they will graduate, take their boards, and go into private practice,” said Dr. Gretchen Holmes.

Dr. Holmes is excited about the incoming group. These candidates will land in three departments: family medicine, internal medicine, and pharmacy. Internal medicine received more candidates this year than in previous years and this is something that Dr. Holmes is looking forward to.

“Their applications were so strong, they wanted to take advantage of having those applicants this year, so we expanded it by a couple of seats,” said Dr. Holmes.

“Whenever they come in their first year, they will do a few rotations in pediatrics, and internal medicine as well as some specialties in psychiatry, cardiology, and sports medicine,” Dr. Eugide Othepa said.

Dr. Othepa and Dr. Travis Webster are a part of the family medicine department. They say the candidates will get hands-on experience from the beginning of their shift. They also remember their first time being a resident physician.

“You go from being a student to being a provider and that transition can be a little nerve-wracking, but you always have a supporting team around you,” said Dr. Othepa.

“My first rotation I was a pediatrician. Dealing with little kids and newborns from day one was a little strange but there is a good support system here,” said Dr. Webster.

All three doctors say while they are all excited for the candidate’s future, they want to make sure they can provide the best treatment for them no matter what their decision is once they graduate.

“So, with the program here, we’re growing that number of future primary providers and hopefully some of them will stay here and continue to serve the community,” said Dr. Othepa.

“We’re fulfilling a couple of goals here, but the main thing is we want to create really good doctors and that’s what we are doing,” said Dr. Holmes.

The incoming employees will begin on July 1.

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